Crypto Hedge Coin

An agent that when receives a payment to an address will make a holding of several types of commodities.
1CNC may be equivelent to 1BTC + 100LTC + 10000FTC + 100PPC + .01BTB

agent runs behind tor, has no web front publicized location.

a bot with an api. spending money to the bot, gives you an amount of hedge'd holdings minus transaction and service fees.
proff of work bot, that is P2P - blockchaining its own currency/wallet blances. instead of hashed powered mining, new "blocks" are created when an external input of coin is received to produce equavlient CNC. someone may spend X amount of one coin to acquire CNC - the bot internally exchanges the coin at current exchange rates (an average of defined public exchanges with a defined 24 hour volume). To avoid banking debt, the bot may send payment back to the sender. In which case, transaction fees still appply - it is up to the sender (or sender's agent) to verify that the CNC bot has sufficient internal holdings to fulfil the transaction. The bot may report its holdings, and encourge inputs of certain amounts of coin to maintain its internal supply.

The ALL coin.