EARSTRA, The Earth Orchestra

A Univeral Decentralized Holographic Instrument.

uses things like OSC, Scala, and Csound
using OSC timestamped bundles to agree on what media (sounds, video, etc) will be played together into the future as well as into the past.

The song is recorded into a timestamped blockchain (merkle tree). People can jam along with selected or synchro-randomly chosed units of a jam cycle.

when travesing the EARSTRAVERSE media can be played back by synchro-randomly mixing various units based on forumulas that could include:
  • random
  • harmonics
  • user ratings
  • search preferences

A time-stamped media blockchain. content is signed, authratative. system whereby a person must be electronically acknolowedge by a number of other persons as being an actual person. validated persons form groups which collectively, by number of internal connects, acknowledge other groups of persons. Bot groups could exist, bot group being a collection of puppet units being the conjure of 1 or more verified person units. each unit, bot or person, can be rated by other units based on their beneficial interaction with said unit. This eliminates bot-operated votes by natural selection, without discouraging their existance, assimilate creativity into cohesion.

Each person maintains their own emination of their media. Signed for verfication of origination. Media is published by eminator into a P2P cloud, accessble on demand.

BIO data from volunteering units establish a frequency of beat, bots and other electronics can tune themselves to this frequency. +shuman. Participants may tune in and witness, sensorily (audio/video) the collective heart beat taken as an average of all particpants. Charted, graphed, visually the medians and extremeties of BIO feedback.

A sensorium (plural: sensoria) is the sum of an organism's perception, the "seat of sensation" where it experiences and interprets the environments within which it lives. The term originally entered English from the Late Latin in the mid-17th century, from the stem sens- ("sense"). In earlier use it referred, in a broader sense, to the brain as the mind's organ (Oxford English Dictionary 1989). In medical, psychological, and physiological discourse it has come to refer to the total character of the unique and changing sensory environments perceived by individuals. These include the sensation, perception, and interpretation of information about the world around us by using faculties of the mind such as senses, phenomenal and psychological perception, cognition, and intelligence. -wikipedia

McLuhan, like his mentor Harold Innis, believed that media were biased according to time and space. He paid particular attention to what he called the sensorium, or the effects of media on our senses, positing that media affect us by manipulating the ratio of our senses. For example, the alphabet stresses the sense of sight, which in turn causes us to think in linear, objective terms. The medium of the alphabet thus has the effect of reshaping the way in which we, collectively and individually, perceive and understand our environment in what has been termed the Alphabet Effect.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sensorium(external link)

Space Between Your Ears : Tra
http://space-between-your-ears.blogspot.com/2010/03/tra-dhireain-huston.html(external link)
http://multilingual.sensegates.com/EARSTRA/string.html(external link)

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